Service resumed…

I’m not given to New Year resolutions, but I do intend to reactivate this blog for 2016. Posting dwindled in 2014 when I was intent on finishing a book, and somehow didn’t get going again afterwards.

However, there is still a big archive of writing to draw on, some of which – sifting the carrier bags in which it is filed – still seems worth preserving. So I’ll aim to post more often here from now on, at least once a week. It’ll probably be midweek, if anyone cares to look out for it, as I have another blog commitment to take care of at weekends (see

As the “about” page says, I’m posting older stuff mainly for my own satisfaction, and as an aid to reflection on where my views, or the world, may have changed over the last few decades. But if I get any hits, I’ll probably post the odd new piece, too, as the fancy takes me. I have another book to write this year (I hope) and that will entail some new reading and thinking, some of which may get an airing here first. I am interested in how we built up a picture of our home planet, and how that is changing in the era of Earth systems science and the anthropocene, so any new stuff will lean in that direction, while also taking a historical turn when I am trying to reconstruct the path our understanding followed, and how it affected views of the Earth. Any suggestions for things to read/review in that area would be very welcome…



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