about me

I’m Jon Turney, and a long time ago now I was a proper science student. At the end of a degree I moved into areas where people don’t do science but talk about it, in various ways. And I mostly spent time as a writer. I’ve done other things, in academe, publishing, even the civil service, but always written stuff. Nowadays, I mainly write books, and occasional commissioned pieces when in need of distraction – which seems to happen quite often.

You can find details of those on my little personal website, and of some other projects on my other work blog. (There’s a strictly for pleasure jazz blog, too, which is an interminable chronicle of musical activity in Bristol, UK, where I now live. Can you tell I like WordPress?) This one is simply a home for a selection from other stuff I’ve written. Almost all of it is previously published but as I’ve been doing this since pre-internet days it is now scattered beyond recovery unless you were fanatically interested. In which case I’d be quite worried if I were you…

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