Making memories with Steven Rose

I chaired an event where Steven Rose talked about his latest book (c0-authored with Hilary Rose) the other week, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed some of his earlier writing. Here’s my review of his fine account of the experimental life, The Making of Memory. I recall it almost didn’t get written. I […]

Science, society and co-production of knowledge

She speaks of “coproduction” of knowledge, which appeals because “it gets away from the ‘it’s all society, stupid’, or ‘it’s all science, stupid’, types of formulations”. This long piece is a profile, not a review. I’ve posted it because it includes lots of interests that underpin what the writing here tends to be about. A […]

Harry Collins – Changing Order. (SSK, core sets and all that)

This was my review of Harry Collins first overview of his sociology of science in 1985 – Changing Order: Replication and Induction in Scientific Practice, to give it its full title. He’s written many more books since – The Golem (with Trevor Pinch) and Gravity’s Ghost are particularly recommended.  I was pretty excited about Harry’s […]