Making laboratory animals, and animal laboratories

Recent books have highlighted the advent of synbio (Adam Rutherford), and the future of animals engineered for our amusement (Emily Anthes – which I’ve yet to read). But lets not forget that there is a long history of science using animals for its own purposes, and fashioning them to suit in lower tech ways. Rom […]

Making modern science – and discarding the old story

I heard a good talk about science this week – good, that is, except when the presenter touched on history. That part was pretty much a caricature of scientists’ typical take on their predecessors. There was stuff in the past we now think is right (good) and stuff we know is wrong (bad). The notion […]

Making memories with Steven Rose

I chaired an event where Steven Rose talked about his latest book (c0-authored with Hilary Rose) the other week, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed some of his earlier writing. Here’s my review of his fine account of the experimental life, The Making of Memory. I recall it almost didn’t get written. I […]