Innovation theory for the 1990s – revisited

It makes a long blog post, but this article seems worth putting up again after it came to mind at a meeting in London yesterday (21 Oct) to consider innovation policy in the 21st century, and the agenda of Sussex University’s Science Policy Research Unit under its new director Johan Schot. SPRU has a 50th […]

Making modern science – and discarding the old story

I heard a good talk about science this week – good, that is, except when the presenter touched on history. That part was pretty much a caricature of scientists’ typical take on their predecessors. There was stuff in the past we now think is right (good) and stuff we know is wrong (bad). The notion […]

Rethinking nature, and everything else, with Bruno Latour

I‘ve been thinking about Bruno Latour just lately, never a thing to try unless you feel wide awake, and that led me back to this first take on his Politics of Nature. As this little piece indicates, I tend to find him a wild mix of intriguing insight and passages which leave me feeling I […]

Science, society and co-production of knowledge

She speaks of “coproduction” of knowledge, which appeals because “it gets away from the ‘it’s all society, stupid’, or ‘it’s all science, stupid’, types of formulations”. This long piece is a profile, not a review. I’ve posted it because it includes lots of interests that underpin what the writing here tends to be about. A […]